Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 28-30 of Bodyrocking!!!

I did it!!!  I finished my challenge!!!

Okay some thoughts...
  • 30 days is a really long time to do something everyday.  There were days, when it was very difficult to force myself to do anything, and I would say "omg I still have 'blank' days left, it feels like I have been doing this forever".
  • my body is firmer and stronger
  • I want to continue Bodyrocking 2-3 times a week
I recommend to anyone out there to try a 30 day challenge and here are some ideas of what I want to eventually try, maybe not next month, but next year for sure.
  • spiritual challenge (read the Bible every day, pray every day, can make all of this as specific as you want)
  • fast Wednesdays and Fridays
  • read an article everyday (for me, in German)
  • 30 day cleanse, no alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, gluten etc.
  • watch TV everyday for 1 hour, this is specifically to learn German ;)
  • 30 day movie marathon, of all the classics you mean to always watch but were never really in the mood.
  • cook everything at home, no eating out for a month
  • etc
I think I need to implement the TV watching and the article reading, because I know how much that would help me with my German.

On a completely random note, everyone should make these baked stuffed apples!!!  This is not an apple of my childhood, oh this so much better then that. 
Stuffed Baked Apple
I stuffed mine with a mixture of crunchy peanut butter, butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, rum and dried cherries!  It was absolutely divine, the best desert EVER!!  And so easy!  Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Friday, December 23, 2011

20-27 Day of BODYROCKING!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!   I wish everyone health, love and peace and hope that everyone is enjoying quality time with people they love.

This has been a pretty busy week, and everyday I have been putting off posting my workouts, good thing I was not putting off actually doing my workouts, I promise.  I will not bore you with detailing of my workouts in this post, don't worry.  I will just write that the workouts ranged from 4-20min depending on the day and my mood, lots of abs and push-ups I think I am getting better :)  I have been using a lot of moves from this post and doing the short 3 min ab workouts.  I think my favorite workouts are the ones with jump rope, because they really murder me!!!

Can you believe it, I have only 3 more days of this challenge.  I almost did it, ahhaha.  In the next year I hope to do more of these type of challenges and if you anyone has any cool suggestions, please share!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 16, 2011


So today I did the second workout of the 12 days of Christmas The Girl with the Dragon Abs!  The workout was in three parts and 11 min long. 

I am almost 2/3 done!!!! whooo hooo, 11 days left!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 17 and 18 of BODYROCKING!

Man oh man, I am so tired!!!  these workouts are brutal!!!

Yesterday I did a two part workout 4 Minute pre-Breakfast Workout, but I did at night ;) and I did the abs from the 1 Day of the 12 Workouts of Christmas, so in total it was a 7 min workout.  

Today I did the whole Pumped up Kicks Workout from the 12 days of Christmas series!  It was incredibly brutal.  I did not use any weights, just my body-weight, which is trust me, enough. 
My knee has been acting up, I think I really hurt it during out last hike I hope it will get better soon, because it worries me a little :(  for that reason I have not been doing the jump lunges just the regular ones. 

hope everyone is having an awesome day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I wrote yesterday that I wanted to do some jump-roping, and today I did just that!  The workout challenge consisted of skipping 1000 times or just skipping at moderate pace for 20min.  I skipped 100 times and then took breaks.  In the middle it was quite difficult to do all 100 in one go so I took smaller breaks between 50 skips and the last 200 skips I pushed really hard to take only one break.  All in all I finished the workout in 15:44 min, which meant I did not have to skip for 20min :)

BodyRockTv website is doing a 12 days of Christmas exercise challenge, which is perfect for me!!!  I cannot believe that I am more then half way done with my challenge! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome Tuesday!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 12, 13, 14 and 15 of BODYROCKING!

How was everybody's weekend?  Mine was somehow exhausting or at least I feel exhausted right now. 

I know I said this several times already but am really happy I am doing this challenge, which is by the way challenging.   The hardest part for me is the mental challenge, and I think with almost any program/challenge that used to not be part of our routine can be mentally exhausting.  As I mentioned before there are several reasons I decided to do this challenge, mainly I think is because I thrive when I have a buddy system, and this blog is my buddy substitute, keeps me accountable.  Unfortunately, it did not keep me accountable with my Advent calender :( 

Friday, Dec 9th, 2011 I did On The Floor Abs Challenge  and I completed 8.5 rounds.  I was pretty dead after this, granted I did this workout after 2 hours of dancing and wandering through Munich ;)
Saturday, Dec 10th, 2011 15 Minute Extreme Workout and I completed 13 rounds.
Sunday, De 11th, 2011 I did sort of my own 'Bodyrock' routine.  I did three sets of max out girl pushups and then 20 min of running.  I really want to start running regularly again, nothing too traumatic, want to work my way to 10 miles a week.  I miss the burn and the endorphins.  My arms and back are so soar from my awesome girl pushups.

Today's workout was Rock It  which I completed in 30:19 min.  It was pretty sweat inducing!!!!
I did not do one-armed-pushups, hahaha, just once again of the knee pushups. 

I want to do rope-skipping workout tomorrow, lets see what I can find.

Hope everyone had a great start for the day!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


The One That Got Away was today's workout!!!

I am having really hard time doing the reptile pushups, since I can barely do real pushups and the split lunge is incredibly hard for me.  Granted my legs are super soar, but this type of lunge just requires so much more power.  I did the best I could and I do feel the burn!!! 

I am having a lot of fun doing these workouts and hope to do them throughout the whole winter!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday :)