Thursday, April 28, 2011


A lot is happening and oh so fast.  So I have some news to share with you guys.

First of all, Ludwig and I officiated our marriage with the German government, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on with all the paperwork and bureaucracy.  We celebrated with the family and sparkling wine :)

Second of all, I signed up for language courses in Munich!!!  It was a bit spontaneous the way everything happened–I start this Monday, May 2nd.   All the courses start in the beginning of the month, go figure, and to wait until June is too long, plus it becomes significantly more expensive in the summer months.  I was very happy that I could get in on such a short notice and that the section I wanted was not full.  It will be Monday-Friday 8:30 am-12:45 pm, four week intensive course, OMG!  So I also need to buy a monthly train pass to go to Munich, so much so much to do, maybe I should also buy a new notebook and an outfit, I feel like a school girl all over again, exciting exciting.  I will bike to the train-station in the mornings when the weather is good, otherwise Ludwig will drive me.  

All of this happened yesterday and I was really overwhelmed running around saying, 'this is so exciting...I am so nervous', it was quite a challenge for Ludwig to calm me down, hahah.   

This is not really a news but we are going to Austria this weekend.  We got it as a Christmas present from Ludwig's sister to stay two nights at a hotel of our choice from the approved list.  So we booked the hotel before all the language school shenanigans, which means we return on Monday and go strait to the Goethe Institute (my language school).  Good thing, nothing really happens on the first day, I just need to check in before 5 pm.

On another random note, I have been looking for a yoga mat since I got here.  In US they are everywhere, and can be as cheep as $10.  I've been to several athletic stores here, with a wide selection of everything, but yoga mats.  I looked at buying it at amazon, but the shipping is basically the cost of the mat itself.  Finally after looking and looking I just bough the most expensive yoga mat I have EVER owned–€30, please don't judge me.  Apparently this yoga mat is magical with microfiber carpeting, non-slide bottom and a velcro-tie-thingy.  I MUST do yoga everyday now!
Fancy yoga mat!
We washed our car, that was exciting, OMG! jk, I was just watching Ludwig wash the car :)
Ludwig does not mess around!

I ate yogurt made with 10% fat, it was VERY good!

I made Caprese salad with cucumbers.  Fresh mozzarella is super cheep here and I want to eat this salad EVERY day.

 Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding and I am watching it live!


  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! about every single thing.

  2. I want to eat that salad. Please send me some.

    Also, I want to see more pics of our weekend adventure from right before you left! (Unless they all look like the one where I spilled margarita on myself and look like I had some sort of facial seizure) :)

  3. Salad is on the way ;)

    Krista, those pics from Houston are actually the only pictures I took the whole trip because I kept forgetting my camera in the hotel :(