Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today I started my Advent calender!!! I have bought them before but never could eat only one candy per day and the calender always ended up being just a snack.  Lets see how this year will be.
First day of Advent and I got a snowman :)
Today's work out was the 500 Rep Fat Massacre!!!  I needed to burn off the snowman I ate, hahah, jk.
So this was a time challenge, meaning there are 11 exercises, 50 reps each, and you time yourself to see how fast you can complete these series. This workout was ridiculous: of course I could not do real push-ups and the side plank lifts were very difficult. I finished the whole thing in 29:29 min.  I think this is a great workout if you have absolutely no equipment!!!  You can do this work out basically anywhere, home, gym, hotel, etc.  I think so far this was my favorite work out and maybe I should repeat it towards the end of my challenge to see if I have at all improved.  Eventually, one day, I really want to be able to do real push-ups :)

Happy 1st of December!


So what can I tell you....If I did not make my challenge public I would definitely not do today's work out.  Even though only few people read this blog I felt like I would let my reader's down if I did not keep my promise.
So today's work out was pretty awesome.  Only two exercise and 15min long!

10 elevated ab crunches
10 low jumping jacks

I did 18 sets, filled with sweat and a bit of cursing, ahhaha.

I am so glad I did this work out and I am very thankful that I able to stay accountable to my readers :)

Have a great day everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Day two :)

So I just finished the Burpees are Forever Workout!  Ok, first of all I cannot even remember the last time I did a burpee and in this work out there are three different kinds.  Ironically after months of not really working out I was surprised that I could barely do this work out with the beginner modifications.  This work out is short but it did kill me.  I am sweating buckets over here :)

So here are my scores!
1.  One leg burpee and side jump:  2, 3, 2, 1.5
2.  Side burpee (alternating sides):  5, 7, 6, 6
3.  Starburst burpee:  5, 5, 5, 5

This was one awesome work out!!!  I have no idea what will I do tomorrow :)

You guys have a great day!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Day one!!!

So today I did my first work out of the 30 day challenge and let me tell you it was humbling!!!

I have done this work out once before but did not record my scores

The work out is called Sexy Supremacy!!!

So here are my scores
10 mountain climbers/1 push up (sometimes it was a girl push up :/ ) 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
One arm rows with 3kg dumb bells 30, 35, 34, 30, 33
Forward and backward Lunge 8, 9, 8, 8, 8
Girl push ups 17, 17, 19, 15, 18
Bicycle, 42, 38, 36, 40, 40

I have modified the workout a bit since I do not have the dip station or the sand bag.   My form was not perfect at all, but I honestly tried my best without overdoing it.  I am focusing on quality not quantity right now.

Now I am shaking and sweating and cannot believe how exhausting a 20 min workout can be.  This is going to be a real challenge!!!

30 day challenge!!!

This past Wednesday I got back from Ukraine.  I am incredibly happy to be back home with my honey!
I am preparing a long post with lots of pictures to share and will try to have it up in the next couple of days.  

But for now, I wanted to share something with you!  So, I always wanted to do a 30 day challenge.  I know people do 30 days of yoga, running, reading, juicing, fasting, eliminating alcohol, caffeine, sugar, etc.  I basically wanted to try all of them, but was always too chicken; I feared failure and then embarrassment.  Right now, I feel like it is a perfect time for me to do a chalenge, no more fear, and if I do fail, which I do not plan, who cares ;)  

Here is the challenge: 30 days of BODYBOCK!  What is BODYROCK, you might ask.  Well, it is like the most awesome thing I have ever found on Internet :) Zuzana and Freddy are the creators of this website which has fully explained, high-intensity, short (12-30 min) workouts.  This website has evolved into a huge community of people doing these workouts, sharing struggles and successes, food recipes and life experience.  It is a great place to get motivated.  The best part it is all free!!!  I have already done a few of the workouts, and let me tell you, I was sore for days, days.....  

So I will post my work outs, the scores I got and how I generally feel.  

The reward that I will give myself if I complete this challenge is I will buy myself a dip station or a 10lb Ugi ball!

One of the obvious reasons I want to do this challenge is to, of course 
1.  get back into some sort of shape and then...
2.  get used to working out at home, winters here are bruttal and I do not forsee being able to do regular       running and biking.
3.  do not want to ever again have to join a gym
4.  hopefully we will soon start doing crosscountry skiing and I want to get some of my endurance and strength back.
5.  I want to do something challenging and see myself succede.

Also, I wanted to invite anyone out there who is reading this little blog to join me in a 30 day challenge. You can pick your own activity or BODYROCK with me.  I hope this will be a rewarding experience.

Zuzana, the creator and the star of BODYROCK!!!

This woman is insane, she looks like someone from a video-game.  In the next 30 days I hope to challenge myself and carve out a routine that I can stick to through out this winter!!!  In spring I can focus more on running and biking but for now it is BODYROCK time.

Wish me luck!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our First Wedding Anniversary!

Time really does fly, when you are with the person you love!!!

Today is our FIRST Wedding Anniversary :)

I decided to share some of my favorite photos of us.

Having fun with my Bavarian cowboy in Fort Collins, CO.

Our first trip together was to New York City. 

I hope we get to visit it sometime again.

I had to learn a lot of things about soccer, while we were watching the World Cup.

Hiking my first and so far the only 14er, Mount Bierstadt!
Okay, maybe it is not my favorite picture, but it is hard to look good when you are trying not to die.
I am very thankful to have someone I can share my interests with and I am glad that person is Ludwig!

Now fast forward to our wedding day.  It was a crazy weather day with friends and family from out of state and oversees.  I remember it like it was yesterday!  


It was very cold and I was freezing!
And the honeymoon was in Paris!  I wanted to go there since I was 9, all I got to say it was worth the wait ;)
 A year later, we are both in Germany, living a new life together!  It still seems a bit crazy and I am not used to everything, but I would not have it any other way.
Right now I am reading My life in France by Julia Child and I really identified with a quote from her husband--'If variety is the spice of life, then my life must be one of the spiciest you ever heard of.  A curry of a life'.  Variety in my life is not something I am lacking these days.

So to celebrate our first anniversary Ludwig and I ventured out to Mittenwald, a little town close to the border of Austria.  I think we picked the best time to get married, since it is off season, hotels are cheaper, towns are less crowded and the weather is still amazing.  We were the only ones staying at this perfect little B&B, Baeckeralm, with perfect views of the Alps.
Saturday and Sunday after breakfast we ventured out into the mountains.  The weather was simply magnificent!

My mountaineer!

There were these soft lumpy hills everywhere, all you want to do is roll around in them.

Happy Anniversary Ludwig!  Thank you for being the best husband in the world!

It was a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This past weekend there have been a lot of happenings in Fürstenfeldbruck! On Saturday, while Ludwig and I were getting ready to eat our lunch we heard people, horses, carriages moving outside our window.  We completely forgot that this weekend was the Leonhardifahrt, the horse blessing of the whole county of Fürstenfeldbruck.  Basically all the villages and surrounding towns got their horses, put on their best costumes and went to church, how fun is that?
This is happening right on our street outside our windows.  The carriage on the right is actually from Aich, a village where Ludwig is from and where his parents still live.

My Bavarian!

Church youth

There were all kinds of horses and people.


The whole town was full with people from all over.  Of course lots of people were dressed up in traditional clothing.

At the St. Leonhard Church there was an outdoor mass and where all the animals were blessed.

On the right with a big 'golden necklace of the city' is the mayor of Fürstenfeldbruck, Sepp Kellerer, who actually lives in Aich where Ludwig is from.  On the bottom right is the German Mounted Police, the only place they can really blend in ;)

I love traditional Bavarian clothing, all I need now is to get Ludwig to wear it!

It was a fun day!
On Sunday I did not take any pictures but Fürstenfeldbruck had a huge market spread out through the whole city center.  It was an eventful weekend for our little town.

I hope you guys enjoying your fall events as well!