Sunday, May 29, 2011

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We drove to Koblenz on Thursday for an interview Ludwig would have on Friday.   It took us over 6 hours to get there mostly due to ridiculous traffic.  The whole right row were just trucks for miles and miles, it was awful.
European traffic is much worst then US traffic.
After Ludwig's interview we walked around the city for a while and saw these great fountains.  My favorite is the one on the left, it is the Noah's Ark.

On our last day we decided to visit Stolzenfels Palace
 on of many castles is the area.
  It was a small up-hill hike through a cobblestone road.
Unfortunately, we did not have much time to check out
the rest of the area, but the Castle itself
 was situated in a  park.  Next time.

The Rhine

The Chapel

The best part about this was that we were the only people there, that NEVER happens since
these castles are pretty touristy.  

I think this is my favorite picture!  Don't you want to live in a Castle?

The Castle is being completely reconstructed.  I believe most of the work is already done from the outside but the inside is still not finished.  
Knight Room.
The courtyard.

Additional castle, I wonder if this was the 'guest house' ahha

Ludwig is pointing toward where he had his interview.  If you want to learn more about castles on the Rhine here is a good link Castles. 

After driving for another 6 hours home we got ready for JAZZ!  The Bavarian Radio was the host and we had great tickets.  

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