Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green Market!

Fürstenfeldbruck, the town we are moving to in less then two weeks, is 3-4 miles away.  On Thursday mornings they have the green market, and since today there was no rain, I decided to take a bike trip and buy fresh veggies!  Soon I will be walking distance from this awesome place, I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

After I did my shopping I decided to check out a local coffee shop/juice bar.  I have been wanting to go in since I first saw it, which is now about 3 months ago.  The shop is very small and cosy, with comfy chairs and a huge couch.  My only complaint is that there is no WiFi :(  I miss you America!
Coffee Shop
Latte, muffin and Pride and Prejudice!
On a random note, Ludwig taught me how to 'steam an egg'.  I do not know how I never did this before, it is so simple.  I am bad at poaching eggs, I always ruin them and there is always a big mess.  This is a great alternative to a poached egg.  Add some water to a skillet, let it get close to boiling, add your egg, cover with a lid and steam away.  You can also flip the egg if you like to cook it faster.  No added fat, fast, and so tasty.  This was part of my lunch today.
Steamed Egg

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