Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perfect Day for Soup

Weather prognoses in Munich is RAIN and 11C/52F.  In my book this is NOT summer, this is fall or winter!!!!  I had to practice driving a manual shift in the rain and I must say I am getting better and better.  My father in law is my teacher and he is a very brave man :)  Hopefully by the time my parents come I can drive our car without someone telling me to shift or to press the clutch or give more gas ;)
These slugs are everywhere after the rain and if you have a garden they are your biggest enemy since
they eat everything!  

So this weather makes me want to eat some warm soup and cuddle in a blanket!  I am in charge of making dinner tonight and red lentil soup is on the menu :)
Main characters of the dish: red lentils and beef bones! 
1lb of beef bones
1lb of red lentils
2 shredded zucchinis
1 carrot
1 small onion
1 glove of garlic
4 small shredded potatoes
2 tbsp of minced parsley
4 bay leaves
salt, pepper and whatever spices you want to add

The most important thing to do is to boil the bones first and then discard the water.  Use new fresh water for the soup.  The first broth will have lots of fat, and other white foamy things that I like to discard to give my soup a more clean and healthier taste.  I slow cooked the lentils first in the 'new water', with the already cooked bones, until they completely dissolved and then added the rest of the chopped or shredded ingredients and cooked for another hour on low heat.  
Everyone liked the soup, so tonight was a success.  Off to watch a movie with the hubster.
Hope everyone is enjoying better weather.

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