Sunday, July 24, 2011

Training for Munich 1/2 Marathon.

Happy Monday everyone!!!

So I decided each week to give an update on my training for the Munich 1/2 Marathon which is in 10 weeks (October 9th).  I am super excited, but this training is a bit different then I am used to.  While living in Fort Collins, I trained for a bunch of races including two full Marathons with my friend Jenni.  The runs went so much faster and waking up in the morning was so much easier when I knew someone will be waiting for me.  Now I have to mostly rely on my own will power, which sometimes sucks.  I am glad I have Ludwig who runs with me sometimes, it really helps to have a running buddy, it makes running so much more fun for me.

I hope these weekly summaries this will help me keep my motivation and keep me accountable.

Week 1
Monday: 77km bike ride
               25min swim
Tuesday: 90km bike ride
               30min swim
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: run 2.7mi
                 50min yoga for runners
                 6km bike ride
Friday: run 2.7mi
Saturday: bike 20min
                swim 30min
Sunday: run 3.7mi
Total mileage: 9.1mi

Week 2.  Last week was a lot more rest after such an active week
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: run 2.7mi
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Bike 12km
                 run 3.7kim
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: run 4.5mi
Total mileage: 10.9mi

Goals for this week are to do more yoga and increase my total mileage to 13.6mi, also hopefully I can go for a swim since they are promising sun on Wednesday!!!

The good thing about this week is that my runs felt so much easier than ever before.  On Sunday after my 4.5mi run I had the best tired feeling ever, such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

This Friday we are moving into our apartment so I might disappear for a little while again.  I will take a bunch of pictures so you guys can see how we are settling down.
Hope everyone is having a terrific Monday!

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