Monday, October 31, 2011


 It is definitely fall weather here and I love it.  I forgot that I actually love fall since I never really experienced it since I moved to USA.  In Texas there is no real fall, the trees do not change color and the temperature is highly sporadic.  I have pictures of my family playing volleyball in shorts and t-shirts at the end of December.  In Colorado, just like in Texas everything is always a bit brownish so do not really notice the color change and the temperature, in my opinion, changed more drastically.  In any case, I feel like here I am experiencing the fall of my childhood: wet, cool and full of color.  This weather is perfect for a dark read like The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, which I finished it in a few days and it was by no means a summer read.

The mornings are dreary, humid and chilly, but when the sun comes out during the day you can actually enjoy lunch on your balcony and not get a bit uncomfortable. 

I took these pictures this morning.  Fog covers everything like a thick blanket.

This is the park right across from our apartment.

Check out just how green the grass still is and it stays like that even under the snow!!! 
In a week I am going to Ukraine and I will indeed see the fall of my childhood! 


  1. thanks Genessa!!! I hope to do some backing this holiday season and I will be definitely thinking of you and your super backing abilities :)