Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This past weekend there have been a lot of happenings in Fürstenfeldbruck! On Saturday, while Ludwig and I were getting ready to eat our lunch we heard people, horses, carriages moving outside our window.  We completely forgot that this weekend was the Leonhardifahrt, the horse blessing of the whole county of Fürstenfeldbruck.  Basically all the villages and surrounding towns got their horses, put on their best costumes and went to church, how fun is that?
This is happening right on our street outside our windows.  The carriage on the right is actually from Aich, a village where Ludwig is from and where his parents still live.

My Bavarian!

Church youth

There were all kinds of horses and people.


The whole town was full with people from all over.  Of course lots of people were dressed up in traditional clothing.

At the St. Leonhard Church there was an outdoor mass and where all the animals were blessed.

On the right with a big 'golden necklace of the city' is the mayor of Fürstenfeldbruck, Sepp Kellerer, who actually lives in Aich where Ludwig is from.  On the bottom right is the German Mounted Police, the only place they can really blend in ;)

I love traditional Bavarian clothing, all I need now is to get Ludwig to wear it!

It was a fun day!
On Sunday I did not take any pictures but Fürstenfeldbruck had a huge market spread out through the whole city center.  It was an eventful weekend for our little town.

I hope you guys enjoying your fall events as well!

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