Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hello world!!!

I feel like I was gone for a century!  I missed you all so much, especially YOU internet, you connect me to so many people and so many wonderful things.  I think I am about to cry I am so happy.  You think I am exagerating, try going without internet for a month and a half, try it, I dare you, you would go insane!!!  I had iPad with 3G as my 'patch', but it was just not like a real know, video streaming, fast photo uploading, flashplayer, my god I am drooling!!!

So what I was doing this whole time I was gone? Well, we finally moved in.  Here are a bunch of photos of the empty apartment.

Living room and the corner where the dinning table goes.

Our wood burning 'oven' will be great during those cold Bavarian winters.

 Entrance hallway

Bathroom with a window!!! and pretty outdated brown/pink everything.

Master bedroom


View from the balcony!!!
 I have also been addicted to shopping at the local green market :)

I got all of this for less then €20!!!

I've been trying to go to the lake as often as possible.  I bike there, swim for 30min and bike home.  I love it and will miss it so much in the winter.

Okay more to come soon!  For now here is a kiss!
I missed you all!


  1. MUAH! You look like you lost weight! YAY!

    "OH MY GOD, have you lost A LOTA WEIGHT????!!!" (lol)

  2. I haven't :( it is just tan and angle of the camera. whatever works, right, ahahha

  3. what a comment right? i still cannot believe he would say it that way and so loud

  4. cracks me up... (now... not so much before)

    I LOVE YOU APARTMENT, btw, and everything else. Nice tan!