Thursday, September 15, 2011

dinner and a movie

We do not go out to dinner very often, but we definitely enjoy it once and a while.  This time we tried a modern Turkish restaurant and it was a delight.  We now have a luxury of walking to almost all the restaurants in town so you can have a cocktail or two and not be worried about driving.  After dinner we went home to watch Jane Eyer downloaded from iTunes.  It was the first grown up book I read, when I was about 11 years old and bored during a hot summer and nothing on TV.  I think I read it twice in Russian and twice in English, I love it that much.  I cried when I read it but I bawled during the movie.  I totally freaked Ludwig out!!!  Men, ahahha.  The things that stood out to me about the movie were of course great acting, muted colors, and music.  I obviously enjoyed the movie, Ludwig was confused and complained that he did not understand their accents, I had to translate ;)  It was a great night!

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