Friday, September 16, 2011

I want a new lens for my camera!!!

I've been wanting a new lens for my camera for a long time now, but everything I really want is way too expensive, these lenses cost more then my camera :(  I have been doing a lot of research for long time now, and I think I would really like a wide angle (24mm) lens.  Instead of just dropping €400, I decided to first rent the lens and then see how I like it.  Also I will try to shop around and hopefully buy a used one, just wait and buy one in US or Ukraine if it is cheaper.  We will see! Today I went and rented the lens.  I had to speak German the whole time, which was a lot of fun, I think the guy appreciated my efforts.  I now have for the weekend a fancy shmancy wide angle 24mm f/2.8 canon lens.  Next time I want to rent 24mm f/1.4 which is like five times more expensive and I will probably never buy it in my life, but I will rent it ;)

So to celebrate I took some pictures!
In the city center they have so many fruit stands.  I just could not pass up these huge and juicy figs.


Pedestrian Zone


Narrow streets

This is how people park in the city center, yikes.

And then I got hungry!!!  Hering sandwich and wheat beer, it was perfection!
So far I am pretty happy with the lens and hope to use it the whole weekend and will share will all of you some of the highlights.
I did not stay too long in the city because it was crazy busy, and you know why, because tommorrow OKTOBERFEST STARTS!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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