Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Almabtrieb 2011

cows and lots of them
Almabtrieb means 'drive from the mountain pasture'.  You can read the wiki page here
So parents, Ludwig and I set out for the trip at 8:30 in the morning.
Ready set...go!!!

Wolfgang was the driver!
We got into the dorf/village of Krün. The tent on the right is where all the beer drinking is going on.  Look at those mountains, so pretty!
The first thing that we saw was the whipcracking, a traditional sport of Bavaria and Austria, if interested can read about it here

It was pretty cool, but really loud.
We started moving out of the city center and more to where the cows were coming from because there were just too many crowds. 
silly family ;) also they never want to pose for my pictures, and by they I mean Ludwig!
We had to wait for some time for the cows to come, but it was worth it.
They were coming right towards me, I was a little scared.
Some of the cows were so beautifully decorated to celebrate their homecoming from the mountains.
Here is a funny picture of me, being happy to see so many cows.
He does not like taking pictures, but I do not care ;)
more pretty cows

The tent was filled with so many people and even outside it was just so crowded that we decided to go somewhere else for a beer.
Unfortunately, everywhere we went was closed, probably due to the fact that Oktoberfest is going on in Munich.  It was frustrating.  We ended up being at our appartment drinking beer. 

The day itself was great, the weather was perfect, the cows were pretty and I got a beer at the end of the day. 

I hope you guys are enjoying your end of the summer as well.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Your life looks so magical from over here. I miss you! You look so rested and so pretty! And so happy! And I miss you!

  2. soon you will have your magical life on UT campus!!! Life is so crazy :) Also, you are like the best in the west!