Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today I started my Advent calender!!! I have bought them before but never could eat only one candy per day and the calender always ended up being just a snack.  Lets see how this year will be.
First day of Advent and I got a snowman :)
Today's work out was the 500 Rep Fat Massacre!!!  I needed to burn off the snowman I ate, hahah, jk.
So this was a time challenge, meaning there are 11 exercises, 50 reps each, and you time yourself to see how fast you can complete these series. This workout was ridiculous: of course I could not do real push-ups and the side plank lifts were very difficult. I finished the whole thing in 29:29 min.  I think this is a great workout if you have absolutely no equipment!!!  You can do this work out basically anywhere, home, gym, hotel, etc.  I think so far this was my favorite work out and maybe I should repeat it towards the end of my challenge to see if I have at all improved.  Eventually, one day, I really want to be able to do real push-ups :)

Happy 1st of December!

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