Monday, November 28, 2011

30 day challenge!!!

This past Wednesday I got back from Ukraine.  I am incredibly happy to be back home with my honey!
I am preparing a long post with lots of pictures to share and will try to have it up in the next couple of days.  

But for now, I wanted to share something with you!  So, I always wanted to do a 30 day challenge.  I know people do 30 days of yoga, running, reading, juicing, fasting, eliminating alcohol, caffeine, sugar, etc.  I basically wanted to try all of them, but was always too chicken; I feared failure and then embarrassment.  Right now, I feel like it is a perfect time for me to do a chalenge, no more fear, and if I do fail, which I do not plan, who cares ;)  

Here is the challenge: 30 days of BODYBOCK!  What is BODYROCK, you might ask.  Well, it is like the most awesome thing I have ever found on Internet :) Zuzana and Freddy are the creators of this website which has fully explained, high-intensity, short (12-30 min) workouts.  This website has evolved into a huge community of people doing these workouts, sharing struggles and successes, food recipes and life experience.  It is a great place to get motivated.  The best part it is all free!!!  I have already done a few of the workouts, and let me tell you, I was sore for days, days.....  

So I will post my work outs, the scores I got and how I generally feel.  

The reward that I will give myself if I complete this challenge is I will buy myself a dip station or a 10lb Ugi ball!

One of the obvious reasons I want to do this challenge is to, of course 
1.  get back into some sort of shape and then...
2.  get used to working out at home, winters here are bruttal and I do not forsee being able to do regular       running and biking.
3.  do not want to ever again have to join a gym
4.  hopefully we will soon start doing crosscountry skiing and I want to get some of my endurance and strength back.
5.  I want to do something challenging and see myself succede.

Also, I wanted to invite anyone out there who is reading this little blog to join me in a 30 day challenge. You can pick your own activity or BODYROCK with me.  I hope this will be a rewarding experience.

Zuzana, the creator and the star of BODYROCK!!!

This woman is insane, she looks like someone from a video-game.  In the next 30 days I hope to challenge myself and carve out a routine that I can stick to through out this winter!!!  In spring I can focus more on running and biking but for now it is BODYROCK time.

Wish me luck!!!

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