Friday, December 23, 2011

20-27 Day of BODYROCKING!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!   I wish everyone health, love and peace and hope that everyone is enjoying quality time with people they love.

This has been a pretty busy week, and everyday I have been putting off posting my workouts, good thing I was not putting off actually doing my workouts, I promise.  I will not bore you with detailing of my workouts in this post, don't worry.  I will just write that the workouts ranged from 4-20min depending on the day and my mood, lots of abs and push-ups I think I am getting better :)  I have been using a lot of moves from this post and doing the short 3 min ab workouts.  I think my favorite workouts are the ones with jump rope, because they really murder me!!!

Can you believe it, I have only 3 more days of this challenge.  I almost did it, ahhaha.  In the next year I hope to do more of these type of challenges and if you anyone has any cool suggestions, please share!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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