Friday, December 2, 2011


 Today's treat was a chocolate puppy :)

I started to grow sprouts to put on my salad.  I always wanted to try it and when I saw this 'green house' I decided to finally give a go.  I bought a mix of mustard seeds, mung beans and brown lentils.  After a week they were ready to be harvested and eaten. 
So easy and oh so tasty!
So today I did 15 Minute Cardio Workout with jump rope.  Yeah, jump-roping is not easy as it used to be in childhood.  I cannot even tell you how much time I spend outside jumping in Ukraine, not just jump rope but all kinds of other games, like Chinese jump rope and Hopscotch.  Now just 15min, and I am dead!!!  I did 8 sets, thus I jumped 800 times, with breaks of course ;)
So my review, of the 5 days of doing BodyRock is that I am never bored, every time I can do something new and different.  I have been sleeping VERY well and overall I feel great.  I am pretty soar, but nothing too painful.  I definitely think I will need a session of relaxing yoga this weekend to better stretch out those soar muscles. 

Have a great day everyone!!!

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