Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 12, 13, 14 and 15 of BODYROCKING!

How was everybody's weekend?  Mine was somehow exhausting or at least I feel exhausted right now. 

I know I said this several times already but am really happy I am doing this challenge, which is by the way challenging.   The hardest part for me is the mental challenge, and I think with almost any program/challenge that used to not be part of our routine can be mentally exhausting.  As I mentioned before there are several reasons I decided to do this challenge, mainly I think is because I thrive when I have a buddy system, and this blog is my buddy substitute, keeps me accountable.  Unfortunately, it did not keep me accountable with my Advent calender :( 

Friday, Dec 9th, 2011 I did On The Floor Abs Challenge  and I completed 8.5 rounds.  I was pretty dead after this, granted I did this workout after 2 hours of dancing and wandering through Munich ;)
Saturday, Dec 10th, 2011 15 Minute Extreme Workout and I completed 13 rounds.
Sunday, De 11th, 2011 I did sort of my own 'Bodyrock' routine.  I did three sets of max out girl pushups and then 20 min of running.  I really want to start running regularly again, nothing too traumatic, want to work my way to 10 miles a week.  I miss the burn and the endorphins.  My arms and back are so soar from my awesome girl pushups.

Today's workout was Rock It  which I completed in 30:19 min.  It was pretty sweat inducing!!!!
I did not do one-armed-pushups, hahaha, just once again of the knee pushups. 

I want to do rope-skipping workout tomorrow, lets see what I can find.

Hope everyone had a great start for the day!!!

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