Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 17 and 18 of BODYROCKING!

Man oh man, I am so tired!!!  these workouts are brutal!!!

Yesterday I did a two part workout 4 Minute pre-Breakfast Workout, but I did at night ;) and I did the abs from the 1 Day of the 12 Workouts of Christmas, so in total it was a 7 min workout.  

Today I did the whole Pumped up Kicks Workout from the 12 days of Christmas series!  It was incredibly brutal.  I did not use any weights, just my body-weight, which is trust me, enough. 
My knee has been acting up, I think I really hurt it during out last hike I hope it will get better soon, because it worries me a little :(  for that reason I have not been doing the jump lunges just the regular ones. 

hope everyone is having an awesome day!

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